The Behemoth
The Behemoth
The Behemoth
The Behemoth
The Behemoth
The Behemoth
The Behemoth

The Behemoth

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The Behemoth ULTIMATE Artist Encaustic, pastel, watercolor metal studio palette with case- Hand made in Italy.  

Whiskey Painters Behemoth Palette is... The Ultimate Artist Watercolor, Multi media Art Studio Palette Box.

The Behemoth hand-made in Italy.  Only 25 are made in a year.

Comes with the seal of authenticity and a serial # from our Whiskey Painters Factory in Italy.

With the Behemoth you need nothing else. It is the LARGEST palette in our series. 

Solid Stainless Steel Palette - with a matt gunmetal grey finish. Size is 7"x14" in size and weighs just over 4 lbs

There are spaces to hold full, half cups. and stainless steel cups.

There is open space to hold art tools, brushes, spatulas, erasers and other accessories. There are 18 specialty made steel cups that are and encaustic artists dream. 

These handy cups can bee filled with encaustic paints and then placed onto a heated pan and used right from the cups.

Great for encaustic, gouache, pastels, oil paint, watercolor paints and more.

NOTE - These are Handmade 




Not recommended for acrylics as the box is not an airtight seal and acrylics could dry.

With the Behemoth you need nothing else... 

Included: Palette , custom case , 40 full pans, 50 half pans. palette cup clip on, 4 travel water brushes.